Call us before you dig!

Has your Gas Line been red flagged by the utility company?

We have actually been able to set up or insert gas lines for a fraction of the price that other businesses charge.

Our vast experience in this field has taught us that a lot of gas lines can be installed without significant digging.

Gas Line Pipes break and wear away from time to time. When you call Burfitt Plumbing, you will get quality service and reasonable prices, guaranteed.

Exactly what it does it takes to get certified for Gas Line Replacement? Multiple Gas Line Certification courses are required by natural gas companies to install gas service lines.

  • Licensed in Gas Service Line Installation.
  • Licensed in Mechanical Joining.
  • Licensed in Gas Line Riser Instruction Training (required for some gas companies).
  • A contractor has to belong to a drug screening company on the accepted DOT listing.

Typical Causes For Gas Line Replacement Services

  • Weakening Materials Over Time.
  • Foreign Objects Affecting Gas Line Piping.
  • Plant and Tree Roots.
  • Collapses Due To Heavy Equipment Or Settling.

While every gas line installation is different, there are a handful of options that can manage nearly every problem. In all cases our highly-experienced and well-trained gas line specialists at Burfitt Plumbing can fix or change your gas line at budget friendly rates.

Gas Line Materials

The construction material your gas line piping is made from has a huge result on exactly how long your gas line lasts. Older pipeline made from black steel and wrapped steel lasts for many years but when it fails, the gas line needs fixed or changed. Environment and building techniques have a great deal to due with gas line piping failure. Today's Plastic Gas Line piping is made from plastic and engineered to last many years.

Do not be fooled by the big box plumbing companies who charge a fortune. As mentioned previously, we have the ability to change or repair gas lines at a practical cost. Call The GAS LINE REPLACEMENT EXPERTS at Burfitt Plumbing for professional installation!

To get the best Sewer Line repair or replacement in Portland or Vancouver, WA - Call Burfitt Plumbing Today!

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